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    Question Marketwatcher

    So....first time post...please be gentle.

    I have used Auctioneer since I began playing wow... Recently started using APM (prior to 4.0.1) for Glyphing, which auctioneer's glypher somewhat broken, it was a life saver. However.

    Auctioneers data watching and recording has always bugged me. I hate relying on other peoples trending. I know it tracks 3dy prices 7 dys prices etc... but this is pretty lame given the amount of data it can record. I watch the stock exchange as well, and we all know that if you want to buy low and sell high this is not the way to track

    Enter MARKETWATCHER -found this one on What does it do...its like an alternate snatch list. but can be used both ways ...tracking an item to sell or buy. You can set Thresholds for bid and buy and after u have collected(read recorded) 3 scan points it will begin to graph the item's price overtime. NEAT!

    I started using it yesterday but in the interest of providing people with info I have posted a little prematurely. It seems to work fine with Auctioneer and auctioneer even catalogues any scans performed in the marketwatch interface (which is 2 extra tabs in the auctionhouse UI)

    Checkout out lets get some reviews and ideas for using.

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    Welcome to the forums Narly

    Market Watcher is indeed a great addon, wowconfidential wrote a very nice guide/article about it a while ago too, might be worth checking it out!
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