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    Addon to give confirmation button before learning non combat pets

    Hi all

    Have started to stock up on rare pets in preparation of MoP... however as we all know, there isn't a cast bar when learning pets so there's a big potential to accidentally right click on a valuable pet and learn it as we are transferring it from storage to AH and vice versa

    Am thus looking for an addon that would give a confirmation button before allowing me to learn it, had been looking on curse and wowinterface but haven't found any, does anyone have any recommendations?

    Thanks in advance!

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    It seems like everyone who trades in pets has accidentally learned a few. Such an addon would surely be appreciated. I'm new to pets and paranoid, so I've been using left click only.

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    I'm was curious so looked into this a bit. Not sure this is really possible short of a custom-bag addon with "protected" slots.

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    I see, thank you all for replies

    I myself i have using the following two methods:

    1) Using left click to transfer pets (but a moment of carelessness, and that's it)

    2) Using warehouse to move pets from buyer toon to bank so there is no need to actually click on it

    I think you should be able to set up inventorium to do pt 2) as well, but i haven't used that since patch 4.1 so i wouldn't be able to comment further on that



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