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    Addon showing Crafting Mats in Tool Tip for items

    Hello fellow Goblins,

    first time poster, long time reader! I really love this forum and all the great brains working/thinking/discussing here.

    I am actually asking you if anyone is aware of an addon existing that would let me know the required mats of crated stuff in the tool-tip. I am mainly interested in this for enchanting scrolls (e.g. hover over the scroll and the tool tip would say something like 3 GCE, 5 Dust, 1 MC) but wouldnt mind if it also includes the other professions. Does anything like this exist?

    I already have Auctionator, Altoholic, and TSM in full action, but this is only showing me the craft price for those items. It still gives an indication about whats required, since most of the time i know the current prices of all raw mats, but still the other information would be nicer.

    Thanks for your feedback,

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    I know that with Notes U Need you can add notes to a tooltip for anything in game (even people).
    I don't know if there's another addon like it or if there's one that would do it automatically.

    I think a simple solution in the meantime would be to use NUN to add the crafting mats to the tooltips of items you know you'll be crafting frequently and expanding from there.
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    Thanks for the quick response, dbMjolnir. That actually sounds quite interesting (also for other topics). Gonna try it out once I am at home tonight.


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    It seems strange that with the multitude of auction-related addons out there that not one incorporates a simple feature like adding the list of materials to a tooltip (be it scroll, piece of equipment, etc). It doesn't even need to be so complicated as to give the cost of the items or predict its profitability.

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    My tooltips already cover 2/3 of my screen for some items, but I may try this too for the same reason.

    Is there a toggle for TSM/TUJ tooltips like Auctioneer has? Hold CTRL, etc?



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