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    Auction Add-on Comparison

    I've used Auctioneer since vanilla WoW. In 4.01 auctioneer was slow to update, and I needed my info and speedy posting stat. I looked on Curse and noticed that Auctionator had updated by then, so I downloaded it and gave it a shot.

    Now I'm at a point where I must make a decision: Do I stay with it, or go back to the add-on I had been faithful to for five years?

    One of the reasons that I'm considering staying with Auctionator is that Auctioneer can sometimes be sensory overload. There are so many dials and gizmos and pages on pages of data that it can be overwhelming. In fact when I picked up the game again after a long hiatus Auctioneer had changed so drastically that I feel like I never learned how to fully use all of its tools.

    What it boils down to is this - what can Auctioneer do that Auctionator can't, and why should I go back to Auctioneer knowing what a resource hog it is? Are there add-ons that can do the things that Auctionator falls short on?

    I'm hoping to generate some good discussion about the main Auction UI add-ons (feel free to bring in Auction Lite if that one has compelling advantages) instead of just one line answers telling me which you think is better.

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    It's been 1-2 years since i properly used auctioneer so things might have progressed a bit but the only real thing auctioneer can do that auctionator can't is the snatch list option. Personally the ability to create lists in auctionator more than counters this as i find it quicker to manually work down my auctionator list and buy up anything i see rather than waiting for the auctioneer scan to run. Another problem with auctioneer, which seems to still be around as i did actually have a little play with it a few weeks ago, is it is so slow that by the time it generates a list of potential deals you often simply get spammed the message item could not be found.
    Buying large quantities of items also is still very clunky compared to auctionator.

    Ok technically there are other things auctioneer can do that auctionator can't but they can either be used as standalone addons in themselves such as enchantrix, or there are better addons out there than can be used to do them anyway such as mass posting...The current derivatives of QA3, or recording sales...Mysales, which is much better than bean counter.

    Auctioneer is a great starting addon and it did help me a lot when i was new to making gold off the AH but if you have decent experience of the AH and knowledge of markets and prices then auctioneer only seems to hold you back, not least because it is simply bulky and slow but also because it can be very misleading in the information it provides.

    For an experienced AH baron the only reason i can see to use auctioneer over auctionator is if your big into flipping completely random items instead of specific items you can create a specific list for, auctioneer then seems best suited for that purpose but even so it isn't that great as the data it gives is often shaky at best and needs interpreting or often (especially on much rarer items) well out the ballpark, often out of the country...
    I have seen auctionator inform me of many supposedly awesome deals which i could have got shafted on but luckily didn't as i had experience and simply knew better.

    I'd like to try to finish on a slightly good note as it is a good addon and i don't want to sound over negative about it, i also appreciate the time and effort the author put into creating it and still does in keeping it up to date, and because it really did help me when i was new and inexperienced to the AH and game in general.
    It's a great addon...for the inexperienced, casual and/or beginner player of the AH.
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    My personal take on addons especially the ones that help with mass posting and undercut pricing don't do me any good. I'm a merc tarder, I post at any price I want and however many I desire. I'm here to move the market and adapt/adopt when market conditions changes. Addons prevent me from doing that. Its too robotic. My philosophy is an item in my bank or bag is not going to sell itself. Its worth is tangible..its has a value the entire market says it has. If a certain item is viewed to be worth 10g today, what makes it sell for 10g tomorrow? Nothing! An item is worth no more than its vendor price unless somebody is interested in it. How to get people interested in an item? Advertisement...through forums, game patches, or any media outlets that tell WoW gamer folks what is the latest and greatest. Think herd mentality. Move 1 cow and the rest will follow.

    Addon's that give AH price of the parts needed and also the AH sell price of the crafted item is more useful. That's where the flip profit is. Again using addons like this still require sensible decision making.

    There is no addon or replacement for human critical thinking.

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    I spent a long time using a combination of Auctionmaster and Auctionlite.

    Since 4.01, I've switched to Auctionlite and Auctionator and I now only really use Auctionator.

    I used Auctionlite for buying. It allows you to shift click on an item in your inventory to see an instant listing of the items on the AH, which you can sort by buyout per item. You used to be able to select multiple items to buy, but as we know, that feature is now gone as each purchase requires a hardware event.

    I used auctionmaster for selling as it is quick to click on an item to make it appear in the sell box and it remembers your previous prices, amounts and durations.

    Together I found them quick to use with little clutter - perfect for my needs.
    Both addons keep records of prices and provide you with averages over time, and Auction master has a good scan feature which lists items that it perceives to be lower than the average market price.

    Auctionator has a number of features that I really like. The shopping lists are fantastic, quickly allowing one to look for bargains grouped into categories. Its easy to make a list of items that you want to scan for and click down the list to see if the items are available and at what cost. However, you can't get it to scan all lists automatically and set a sniping price. My favourite addon for this was called 'Auction Snatch' but it's broken since 4.01.

    The best thing about Auctionator is the way that it sells. You can set the options for how much you want to undercut and how many items to post. Then all you have to do is Alt-click on an item in your inventory and it automatically puts the preselected number of items into the sell window at the undercut you have selected. Take flasks for example. You have set the default posting amount to 10 with a 1 silver undercut. All it takes to post is to Alt-click on a stack and click 'create'. If someone else has undercut you, the price Auctionator selects for your flasks will be one silver less than the lowest price meaning that you never have to set your prices manually on commonly sold items. If you want to leave the cheapest stacks in the AH and post yours near the bottom of the list, you click the stack you want to undercut and it instantly alters the price you're selling at to one silver under that price. It's very quick and easy - much easier than AuctionLite and Auctionmaster.

    Personally, I don't need analysis of the prices on my server as I know them myself. I'd rather know what's going on with prices personally. I can look at the prices of most commodities and instantly know whether they are cheap, something which only comes through experience. Does auctioneer give you this experience? I've only dabbled with it so i don't know, but I'm more than happy with auctionator at the moment and it's lean setup.

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    Great replies so far.

    I found that I'd been using auctioneer because "that's what I've always done". Which, frankly, is a terrible reason to be doing what you are doing. Are there any rabid auctioneer fans among the posters here who would like to step into the ring for it?

    What about long term users of Auction Lite? Is there anything that it brings to the table that Auctionator doesn't?

    I think that my switch to Auctionator is semi-permanent. I like the UI much better, and don't miss the extra features of Auctioneer really. The shopping list is better for my needs, and I have never had great luck flipping.

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    I can't get my head around anything else except Auctioneer. 5 years of using it, anything else is like cheating to me. I was even resistant to using QA when it was more relevant. There are other more powerful addons for tracking the market, but they only appeal to math nerds like me.

    I'm wondering if Norgana is going to survive here, they posted months ago that they were in financial trouble. As a donor there I hope they can make it through Cata!

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    For my main purchases/sales, Auctionator is my go-to. It's like the momma bear's porridge, not too hot, not, you get the picture.

    With Auctioneer, you're flooded with a plethora of information. With the new QA3 replacement addons, you're just not involved at all with the markets. Just clicking a button isn't fun (but neither would posting a thousand+ glyph be). But with Auctionator, you keep your finger on the pulse of your markets and can step in to make adjustments on the fly.

    There are times when I really enjoy combing over Auctioneer data, but it's not nearly as beneficial to me as it once was. I still keep it around though, for the Snatch list, when I'm bored and looking to bid, when I've already acquired my essential purchases through Auctionator (bsns time buyouts).

    As Fluffy said, Auctioneer is great for beginners. If that's not you (and you do not want to deal with the extra memory burden), toss it imo. It may have a bit of added utility at Cata's onset, until we all regain a solid grasp on price points for every little new thing out there on the markets.

    Edit: it the momma bear or the baby bear she keeps stealing from?

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    Baby bear is the one who gets stolen from. Always stealing from the babies.

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    I believe it's baby bear's porridge that's just right. It pays to have a 3 year old child - you are reminded of all kinds of important information that you thought was lost forever.

    EDIT: 30 seconds later You beat me to it cali!

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    With the new QA3 replacement addons, you're just not involved at all with the markets. Just clicking a button isn't fun (but neither would posting a thousand+ glyph be). But with Auctionator, you keep your finger on the pulse of your markets and can step in to make adjustments on the fly.
    This is sort of true but it's not so black and white as it may seem and especially after the addition of 1 click for each post it's not too hard to keep an eye on your auctions and the market in general.
    If you are half looking while posting you will more easily notice any items which you may wish to check up on to improve sales.e.g. by looking if you can reset the market, instead of when it was total automation and you just got a huge readout that you couldn't be bothered to look at when it had finished.

    Another powerful tool that comes with these addons is the summary list. Most people simply use this as a tool to easily identify what they need/want to re-craft to keep their stocks up, but it can also be used to give a quick and simple summary of the overall market and can easily identify any items that can be easily bought out and reset as it tells you how many of that item are currently posted on the AH and i have been using this frequently to keep prices for glyphs as high as possible by resetting markets where i can.
    It takes 20-30 second to scan the AH and you can then see the prices and quantities of every single glyph on the AH. I then simply scroll down the list looking for any glyph that only has 2 or 3 currently on the AH, see what price they are running at and decide whether they are worth buying out to try to reset the market.

    In this regard which is best depends on how big your business is really. If you deal in small quantities of items, where gaining a few extra gold is generally more noticeable, auctioneer can more easily help you squeeze every single last drop of profit out of those few items you deal in. But if you have a large business empire QA3 style addons, while being less suited to fiddling around with every single detail, allow you to deal effectively with large quantities of items where eeking out every single last gold, silver and copper is not so much of a concern.
    Fiddling about in so much detail is fine with small businesses and can make a significant difference to your profit margins, but actually becomes counter productive when used on a large scale where your looking at a big picture instead of a very small one and time especially comes at more of a premium (because you just have so much to deal with and often so little time to do it in) and your generating so much gold that squeezing a few extra gold out of a couple of sales isn't really worth it.
    Generally (but not always) this mirrors the idea of auctioneer being for beginners as beginners tend to start with a small number of items they deal in, then as they become more confident and gain more capital they expand into different and larger markets.
    As i mentioned in my original post auctioneer is ideal for beginners in this way as it copes well with small scale selling and teaches you a lot about the AH while it does it but once you become more advanced, knowledgeable and larger scale it starts to struggle as you often know better than it does and it is simply not built for very large scale business.

    Saying that though there is never a hard and fast rule as to which method is best, it's partly down to each individual to decide for themselves which they find most rewarding and partly down to what your dealing in.
    Most items i deal in i simply look at a large overall picture and i'm not concerned so much about messing around to gain a bit of extra profit and thus rely on QA3 style addons for posting and for gaining an overview of the whole market (where possible).
    But there are a couple of markets which i do like to keep a much more detailed eye upon, with me posting the old fashioned way so i can much more control the market or exploit it to it's full potential and for these i use auctionator to post so i can see more clearly what is happening before i post my items and can adjust my posting method in line with that.
    Auctioneers problem from my perspective, in this scenario, is it's overkill and not accurate enough for the items i care about and wish to baby sit, while not effective enough for the items i mass produce and throw out into the world with abandon, using the concept of mass produced quantity over quality of sales to generate large amounts of gold.

    We have a saying which goes "Jack of all trades, master of none" and that seems to sum up in a nutshell what auctioneer is.
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