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    The above two addons are my favourite for working with enchanting but unfortunately Scrollmaster will only work with the authorís KTQ clone AuctionProfitMaster, something Zero had at the start was a batch file to convert all Item Groups over from KTQ to his version of the addon which is why I picked it.

    Scrollmaster out of the box wonít run with ZeroAuctions but this is easy to sort with some quick code change.

    Here is the method

    Go to your addon folder and find Scrollmaster folder
    Open up the Modules folder and make a backup of gui.lua
    Open gui.lua in a text editor, use find and replace

    Find "AuctionProfitMaster" and replace with "ZeroAuctions" there should be 2 places to change only.

    	if select(4, GetAddOnInfo("Auc-Advanced")) then addonList.auc=L("Loaded") end
    	if select(4, GetAddOnInfo("AuctionProfitMaster")) then addonList.APM=L("Loaded") end
    	if select(4, GetAddOnInfo("DataStore")) then addonList.dataStore=L("Loaded") end
    -- attempt to load APM's saved variables
    	local APM = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):GetAddon("AuctionProfitMaster", true)
    save, and check out if it works

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    if I'm not mistaken, Zero is going to shelf his project and possibly come help us on APM.

    Sapu, the author of Scrollmaster, is also developing APM as well.

    Look for Trade Skill Master in the future, we are hoping to have a beta out around Thanksgiving and a stable version for Cata.

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    I am pretty happy hearing that, lots of good mod authors working together to creature something great, I know Kevmar mentioned on his blog that he was possibly looking for new projects in the future, maybe seeing about getting him on the team would be pretty kickass for the community as a whole.