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    Trouble with an Addon?

    So usually when I'm cancelling/reposting/scanning I just alt-tab out and read reddit or whatever. Over the last week, I've been noticing it's extremely slow/ basically stops, at scanning, cancelling, posting if I'm alt-tabbed out of the game. I've tried running in windows mode, that doesn't fix the problem. I'm not sure what the deal is, anybody know how to fix this?
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    Blizzard added some block a while back that stopped addons running while you were tabbed out but using windowed mode should circumvent that.

    What addon is it doing it with specifically and have you tried updating it since the patch?

    Another cause may be stress on your PC, are you running your PC at it's maximum or using any processes that may be slowing it down as this would cause it to slow down or stop programmes running in the backgorund.e.g. if your tabbed out.

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    I've noticed this as well; I run two accounts in windowed mode on a dual monitor set up. With both TSM's auction posting and Postal's open all mail functions, about 1/5 of the time if I go to the other account while letting it run it will stop altogether; but usually starting it up again then tabbing back out seems fine.

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    In the video options there's a "max fps while running in background" (or something like that) option. I'd be curious what you have that set to? If you have it set really low I can see how that could slow stuff down.

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