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    [Inscription] Does a addon for this functionality exist? (shopping for herbs)

    Ideally, I'd like to be able to shop for herbs as such:

    If a herb has a buy out under my price point, buy it out.
    If a herb has no buy out but current bid price is less then my price point, bid.
    If a herb has a buy out above my price point, but bid price less then my price point, bid.

    Auctioneer's snatch list:
    Pro: Faster. Can just highlight a category (Trade Goods->Herbs) and hit Scan, and then search all/snatch all. Repeat for Trade Goods->Other for pigments and Trade Goods->Parts for inks.
    Con: You have to manually add each herb to a snatch list (just once, but still).
    Con: Need to modify prices individually if your price points change.

    TSM Shopping:
    Pro: Don't need to set up a snatch list, just choose the appropriate drop-down.
    Con: Need to wait for scans of individual herbs for each ink you need.
    Con: Doesn't show the value TSM uses for costs (is there a way to show this?), so I have to refer to a spreadsheet/document for my price points.
    Con: Can't bid.

    In short, is there a easier way of doing this? Realistically the price points don't change too much or too often, so the auctioneer method would probably work in the long run.

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    You can't do a GetAll in Auctioneer/TSM and then go from there?

    I'm pretty sure you can set up Snatch to do this for you. As you said, there will be some initial time investment and you can go from there.

    There's also a PDF in TSM's addon files that is a detailed guide of all the modules. You may want to read that re: Shopping Module and go from there (I have yet to read that file).

    I'm almost certain that both modules have the functionality you're looking for.
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