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    Gold per Hour Addon

    I found this addon on Curse:

    It will calculate the gold per hour from farming utilizing auctioneer prices whenever possible. Sadly it has not been updated for more than half year and from the comments it seems it doesn't work anymore. Does anybody know an alternative?

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    1. Open bag after an hour
    2. Get ore/herb count
    3. Get price from TUJ
    4. Multiply market price * ore/herb count
    5. ???
    6. Profit!

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    The real way to calculate gold per hour in this situation is after the fact. Sell your herbs/ore and divide the income by the amount of time it took you to farm the materials. I say this because using cached data won't reflect the selling price, thanks to competition and volatility in two very fluid markets.

    If you want to be very strict about it, include the time spent on your AH character.
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    I know this is slightly off-topic, but if you are worrying about GPH, my first step would be to stop farming. Unless you have found some way of consistently selling your mats for SIGNIFICANTLY MORE than current market value, the best GPH will always be in your crafting professions and AH.
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