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    Wow Crashing Rests Add-ons - Help

    I've been plagued with this problem for the last year and I finally just need to seek out some help on how to fix it. Upon exiting WoW, I hit Exit Game and my computer will crash and reboot, this happens about once per month if not every other month. This wouldn't be so bad except it somehow resets my add-ons to the original settings. This means all my TSA settings are wiped clean, and I use Tukui now (It used to do it before I had this so I know it's unrelated) and after the crash Tukui had the popups similar to when I first downloaded the addon, and all my settings had been reset.

    The only settings that don't change are Wow settings such as graphic settings and keybinds.

    I've tried making my wow folder read-only and that didn't work, I've used /reloadui before crashes and still reverts the addons back to the original settings. Does anybody know how I can stop wow from resetting the addons?

    Thank you for your help.

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