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    Synchronization of addon saved variables


    I was wondering what people use for keeping addon saved variables synchronized between two or more computers.

    For example itemauditor doesn't really work if you don't synchronize the data and i think there is more examples.

    I myself use dropbox and a .bat script to run the WoW client which copies the files to and from dropbox before and after i enter the game.

    Btw. thanks for a great forum

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    Premium Curse Client
    Follow the Gold Road - Using Addons to Make Gold in World of Warcraft

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    But why pay for something i can code myself

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    Indeed, if you can code it yourself don't pay for it. But you asked what people use, and I told what I use

    Curse Client is very cheap tbh, and updating all addons at once is worth it alone.
    Follow the Gold Road - Using Addons to Make Gold in World of Warcraft

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    The drop box idea is really interesting. When I was playing on multiple computers I just ran my game off a external HDD that I brought with me. I would think that a high speed SD card, or flash drive would work just as well. Sure you have to carry it around, but you could then play on any computer.

    I also had 2 saved variable files depending on screen size and so on that I would just rename depending on what I needed to do.

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    You could share your addon saved variables folder to different computers via built-in network protocols.

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    I use windows live mesh - it is a free program supplied by microsoft. Just tell it that you want to sync your WTF folder and it uploads it's contents to a central server. So there is no need for both computers to be on at the same time. In was surprised how well it actually worked given the trouble I have had in the past trying to network computers with windows.

    Also please note that I couldn't get premium curse to work for me - it sync'd my add ons but not the WTF folder. I posted on their forums to see to do this and the moderators have ignored my post

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    I was also thinking to sync my Interface folder and my WTF folder so that my addons and saved variable are the same on all computers on which I play wow so that mysales, snatch lists, .... are always in the same state.
    So I investigate about drop box and found this very interesting article which is quite old but I think this should still work , I will try this on this weekend if i have some free time

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    Zetrac's link is the exact setup I'm using right now. It works perfectly, and if there happen to be any mess ups at all, dropbox does backups of your files as well, so you can always revert to a working state.

    Just remember that your variables don't save to disk until you log/exit the game, so close your client before you open it on another computer.



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