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    Need help: How to use a snatch list

    So, I'm kinda new to the whole AH farming scenario, but I've been doing a lot of ore shuffling, and some bid, resell high things, and I'm loving it.
    I've seen some posts about a snatch list, but I don't fully understand it. Is there a certain addon I need to use it? (playing on european server, do TUJ aint too much help)
    And I've seen some great snatch lists, so I'm wondering if I can edit a file in my addon directory, directly, or if I have to use an addon, and manually fill in all the information

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    Check this article. You don't have to use auctioneer, for example TSM has a great built-in snatch list feature.

    Also, you're probably better off running a search here or googling the topic, that would yield the information you're looking for.
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