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    [TSM] Posting different stack sizes of same item

    Hey all,

    Enchanting mats are a pretty big market for me. I like to post dusts and essences in various stack sizes. I suppose the obvious way of doing this is to have all my 5 stacks in one group, etc...but how do I ensure that one group takes precedence over another , e.g. I want to make sure my full amount of singles is posted before any other stack sizes. Just looking for some solutions using TSM (Which is slowly growing on me)
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    I wanted the same feature but at this point I dont think its possible

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    I would also love this, but its impossible to have the same item in different groups, isn't it?

    I would love to be able to overprice 5-10 1xstacks with only 1 copper price difference, and then post a couple of 20xstacks a bit less overpriced, this way, with Auctioneer when you want to buy, you see what seemingly seems to be some overpriced goods, and some reasonably priced 20xstacks. This is a tactic I've had much success with, but I have to do it manually. This would require 6-11 different groups in TSM with the same item, but as far as I know, thats not possible..or is it?
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    I believe it's only possible (to have teh same item in different auc groups) by using different auctioning profiles for each stack, which may or may not be a solution for you. It's only a workaround, after all!

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    What I do to accomplish this is I have a global group for "Stackables" and I just go in and adjust the stack size for the global group. Yes, it's a bit more manual than someone would like, but it's better than manually listing the items.

    If you're wanting your singles to be 1c less and your stacks to be 1s less, then you can simply change that in the global as well.

    Here's an example of what my TSM looks like:

    stackables (this is where I make all my changes)



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