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    [TSM] Inscription inks?

    I'm new to TSM just today, but feel I have a decent handle on most of the aspects - and I love it so far.

    Is there an option somewhere to have TSM automatically (with some clicking, I assume, due to API limitations) craft inks needed for scrolls from available pigments?

    I'm gonna feel dumb if this is in a very obvious place, but I'm used to feeling stupid.

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    As far as I'm aware of, there is no way to queue to craft inks from certain pigments. However, isn't it just easy enough to click each ink manually if you already have the pigments?

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    I also do not know of any way to create inks from TSM. But it's not hard to open your Inscription window, click your ink, click Create All then afk.

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    I'm certainly not opposed to crafting them the 'usual way'. I just assumed that, in light of everything else it does, it did that too, and I simply wasn't seeing it. I'm very, very impressed with TSM so far, and wouldn't at all register this as a complaint. Nothing more than curiosity.

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    I'm just a bit curious on how Gnomeworks does it, as it processes next to everything needed in the recipe. Why not propose this as an added functionality in TSM, as it already know cleverly enough what herb provides the cheapest ink anyhow?



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