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    Question [Auctioneer] Copying a Snatch List, possible?

    A bit of background - I do my goblinesque work from one computer with two monitors and two wow accounts running.

    The problem - My two accounts share very little information with each other. The auctioneer on the left shares no information at all with the auctioneer on the right. Scans, snatch lists, shopping lists, price points etc are all independent.

    The query - I spent a lot of time last night fleshing out my snatch list on one of these accounts. It wasn't exactly intensive but it was rather boring, I'd rather not have to do it again on my primary account if I can help it. Is it possible to copy a snatch list straight from a .lua file and copy it over to another account's version of that .lua file? Even better, is there a way for me to sync my two auctioneer accounts?

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    Hey Herf,

    I'm not sure about living off a single document, but in order to simply copy one over the file you're looking for is found in this string:
    World of Warcraft Folder > WTF > Account > (Account Name) > Saved Variables > Auc-Advanced.lua

    It then has to go back into the same folder on your second account.

    Best of luck

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    I play on two computers and use dropbox to keep the addons and wtf->account directories in sync. If using xp you'll also need junction to create the linked directories.

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    Dropbox doesn't work in my case because both wow clients are being run from the same machine, Vista doesn't like two programs accessing the same files at the same time sadly. However I will now be using dropbox to store my addon data for when I log in from a friend's house, thanks Unp.

    I attempted to copy the auc-advanced.lua but received many errors when logging into the game. In the end I opened the files with notepad and copy/pasted the snatch list from one file to the other, it worked a charm!



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