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    Looking for an auctioneer replacement for milling/prospecting/disenchanting/smelting

    Hey there guys, long time reader, first time poster.

    I"ve lately become very frustrated using auctioneer to do searches for items to buy that I can then use one of my professions to reduce down (via prospecting or milling etc), due the the lack of recent updates, and the addons inability to search for items to do those things with a skill level above 450, can anyone point me in the direction of an addon that can meet these needs?

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    Hey Khaosknight, I've recently made the switch over to TradeSkillMaster and it's made the world of a difference for my Glyph crafting - and gold making business in general. You are in luck because we have a great addon review + guide HERE that actually uses Herb purchasing, milling and then glyph crafting as it's primary example.

    Now that's all fine and dandy when it comes to knowing how to queue up glyphs to be crafted and then telling TSM to buy the mats for you, but what about making it ultra efficient and profitable? I use the following chart that I create to help me make further profits from my Glyph Crafting Business:

    You can find a slightly more basic form of this chart HERE.

    I wrote a quick article about how I then use that chart and combine it with TSM on a daily basis on MMOwned's Forums - even if I don't craft glyphs every day. Check it out here!

    Hope I was helpful, if you have any questions feel free to PM me
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    I'd suggest you download the dev version of Auctioneer to get to the 525 range of searches... works like a charm, haven't been having any problems with that build.

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    Like SinShroud I recently made the switch to TSM and it's made me cry with joy. It takes a while to set up so be sure to devote an evening to it, but when it's all configured to your liking it will save you so much time, Auctioneer is now mostly dead to me in regards to purchasing crafting mats.

    However, it currently doesn't support smelting, if you were to use TSM then you would have to manually do your smelting searching / buying.

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    I'm still looking for a reason to move to TSM. I don't glyph, mainly flip (snatch) and shuffle, as well as some decent CFA. It seems like even the name, TSM, leans toward crafters, which I am only for JC and Alchemy. I contract out anything else I do business with such as BS, LW, Tailoring, etc.
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    Honestly Namssob even jc gems once set up will save you a lot of time. Sure you do not post as many you would with glyphs or enchant scrolls, but the ability to post all your gems by spamming 1 button is a time saver over auctioneer/auctionator. And groups are real easy to set up because you only need 6 groups (1 for each color gem).
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    Yeah, the only thing I really use auctioneer for anymore is (braces himself for incoming ridicule) the colour-coded % of market value column. Probably shouldn't have admitted to that, but it's true. I play at night and the colours really help me out. I'm even manually eyeballing DE purchases until TSM gets their module going because the dev version of enchantrix was crashing on me.

    So, if anyone can get me some colour-coded percentages into my auction window and a timeframe on TSM's disenchanting module, I will completely uninstall Auctioneer from my computer and probably weird-out my wife with my random cheering.

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    If your big into flipping random items.i.e. whatever deal you spot, then auctioneer is still probably the best tool around for spotting those deals. For everything else i would bin it as it's an inefficient resource hog.

    In relation to Namssobs 'question', i would agree with Aeg as the time you take to set it up is in essence relative to the time you save.i.e. the more you sell the more time it takes to set up, the less you sell the less time it takes to set up, so for any regular market.i.e something you sell regularly, TSM is going to help you become more efficient and earn you more gold/hour by dealing in those items with fast posting, fast crafting and an easy overview of the market.

    Even if you contract out most of your crafting, if you sell the same items regularly you will benefit from using TSM to do so.
    TSM only really doesn't work when it comes to selling odd/random items for which i prefer to use auctionator.

    If your big into flipping though i would simply have a character who uses auctioneer to deal with flipping and use TSM on the rest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kathroman View Post
    Yeah, the only thing I really use auctioneer for anymore is (braces himself for incoming ridicule) the colour-coded % of market value column. Probably shouldn't have admitted to that, but it's true. I play at night and the colours really help me out.
    You are not alone. Our support group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All are welcome. Bring crayons.

    Being able to sort a market by percentage or color is extremely useful for flippers and stockpilers. A list of uncolored prices in an unfamiliar market provides no clue if I'm looking at the deal of a century or if I'm about to become someone's sucker of the week.

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    I recently switched from APM to TSM and the biggest benefit I've seen from this is faster posting times. I can queue up clicks again so when i'm posting glyphs and it requires 200 clicks I can spam a button till its done and it will continue posting till it finishes. With APM I could only click as fast as it could post.

    The only reason I keep auctioneer around at this point is for DE searches (TSM can probably do this but i haven't checked) and so that I have market prices in my tooltips.



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