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    QA Broken in 4.0

    "I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced."

    ...And in this case the voices were those of Scribes and JCs.

    Well if you haven't been touring around on various forums today (Oct 4) you might have missed the news that Blizz has effectively ended the days of easy Undercutting/Reposting by disabling some coding doohickies that allowed multiple auctions to be launched with a single keypress.

    The author of QA3 posted this:

    The Auctioneer forums didn't have any news but they too are probably affected by this change.

    Who else is looking forward to posting 10,000 pre-made glyphs by hand on patch day?
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    Post them all night before, they will still sell

    But yea , sucks big time

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    Heart = Broken
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    R.I.P. QA. We had some good times, and you will be missed. YOU WERE TOO YOUNG!! WHY GOD, WHY? IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AUCTIONLITE!!

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    Honestly, thank goodness this feature is broken. I originally got the mod when I was looking for a mass cancel feature when I was posting glyphs with Auctioneer by Batch Post. I will resort to my cancel macro again in the future and go back to my roots.

    I think we all saw this coming when Shadowed had to put a workaround into QA3 for the mass cancel feature and even further when Blizz became concerned with Gearscore's constant server queries (too much unnecessary bandwidth). Blizzard watches these popular mods and QA's features provided nothing more than a bot requiring two mouse clicks to operate. Remember Bottom Scanner? Similar situation. If you want to make gold in the game, you have to either kill mobs or be creative and put some effort into it. While QA was the hands down best way to bulk post, the features were completely abused. No more script kiddies, we all have to put our thinking caps on again and oil up our mouse clickers.

    The real beauty of this change is that it's practically undocumented and the word isn't out with less than a week before the anticipated patch day. This and the possible triple ink cost coming with the 4.0 Patch and the potential for ink of the sea to not be the currency required to downgrade. There will be blood... and massive opportunity to profit.

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    Just keep buying out the super cheap glyphs that these botters drop prices on and get ready to resell for profits once they can't auto-bot the ah anymore and have dumped all their glyphs for far cheaper than they will soon fetch.

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    Rejoice! the wonderful guys over at the JMTC forums have made a fix for QA3, that will require you to click the normal "Post Auction" button, but otherwise still use QA3.

    Anyway, here's the link to the solution, curtesy of the JMTC guys: