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    [General] Pliaksi's Goblin Crafter Spreadsheet - Development Thread

    Latest version 1.02

    4Shared link:
    Get it here - 4shared!

    Consortium link:
    Get it here - Consortium.

    I've done a lot of testing lately, and it seems everything is working fine. However, please keep in mind that there are a ton of formulas and VBA macros in it, so if you find any bug, or you think anything is not working as it should - please contat me. I am looking forward to any feedback.
    Note: The file is currently loaded with my data. It should be gone as soon as you import your own.

    What's new in 1.02:
    - Pre-defined lists for the routing graphics (e.g. the top 4 profitable crafts).
    - Transmute Elements (random) as cooldown.
    - Routine to import your settings from old versions of the spreadsheet, so you don't have to hand pick them every time.
    - Hand pick how long you want the spreadsheet to retain data.
    - Better visibility on the "Charts" sheet.
    - New table to indicate how current component prices match to historical ones.
    - New column in one of the tables indicating, how the current sell price used, matches to the historical ones.
    - Support for conversions such as 3 LCE -> 1 GCE, 10 Heavy Savage Leather -> 1 Pristine Hide.
    - Fixed some calculations that were very dependant on the available data.

    Current "to-do"/ideas list:
    - Alternative means to determine what you can craft and what not.
    - Veryfy the disenchant / mil / prospect outcome data. Most of the data is based on WowHead, some on other sources.

    On the far horison:
    - Was thinking about creating some output files to be used by in-game addons (e.g. dinamically build sell lists for APM based on certain profit criterias).

    Currently known issues:

    Old Text.

    Hello everyone,

    I've had the following idea for quite some time now, and even partially realised it.

    1. Concept.
    An out-of-the game Excel spreadsheet, that reads an AH data source and calculates most profitable crafts based on multiple criteria. The goal is to have minimim interactions with the game itslef. The reason - use it wherever... work, PC without WoW, ect. And last but not least to save your ingame time.

    2. What I have done so far.
    Developed such a speadsheet (albeit only 6 months before Cata launched), utilising Auctioneer data files. The spradsheet had (not has, because it's obviously outdated now) the following features:
    • Inport auctioneer scanned data, on user request.
    • Checks for the imported data to exclude abnormal data.
    • Calculates most profitable crafts by user defined time periods.
    • Supports "routing" of crafts (eg. Prospect->Craft->DE->AH) .
    • Supports a list of your known professions, thus only items that you can craft are suggested.
    • Calculates prospecting profits.
    • Monitors competition activity.
    • Displays hystorical item data.

    3. And whats next.
    I have a list of features I'd like to implement in the spreadsheet before I release it for Cata. Also I'd love to hear some ideas weather you feel such tool as helpfull and suggest features. Here is my to-do list.
    • Make the spreadsheet read online AH data, rather than ingame (Auctioneer data files) one. The only idea I have currently is the Mobile AH, but it has not yet been launched for the new community site and I don't know if it will imply any scan restrictions.
    • Find an online data source for list of all crafts. Tried WoWHead for that, but parse-ing it in excel was not that delightful. A more clean data source with crafts would be great.
    • Find a way to determine the speadsheet users known recipies, without making him tick what he has, and what not.
    • Include gold/minute calculations alongside the existing net profit ones.

    4. So where is the working version?
    I have decided not to post the working one, because as I said it is not yet updated for Cata, nor do I have any idea if the Auctioneer data file has cnaged in any way since then, so I have no way of guaranteeing it would work. If anyone is very interested in, I will post it with the disclaimer that it has not been tested for Cata.

    5. My request.
    The reason I am actually posting here is to request help ofcourse . Any feedback on the following would be greatly appreciated:
    1. Do you think such a tool would be helpful ?
    2. If by any chance you are an inagme addon developer - Do you think something like that can be developed ingame ? ; Is there a way to extract all existing / known proffesions from the game files ?
    3. Are there any features that you would like to see ?
    4. Do you have any ideas for alternative data sources (apart form the Mobile AH) ?
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    Wow, that sounds incredible! I'd love to have such a tool at my disposal. That being said, I don't have the smarts to make any sort of useful contribution to the project. I'm cheering for you, though!

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    I have a very similar spreadsheet, updated for cataclysm. To get the wowhead data, I just wrote some code to strip out all of the junk and parse the professions data into a .csv file that I imported.

    If I were to do it again, I'd probably just look at the code of Lil' Sparky's Workshop since that mod already seems to do much of what is required (in game, using auctioneer data).

    What gets interesting is when you try to account for multiple routes to the same items. Sometimes the most individually profitable route isn't actually the optimal one overall. I'd be very interested to see how you approach that one.

    Ultimately, parsing the armory is probably going to be best, but as the closure of the undermine journal has shown, Blizzard hasn't exactly made it easy to do this. The biggest issue is the lack of ability to get more than 200 results back, but I think I have a solution to that - simply restrict further until you get under 200 results. i.e. restrict by level range and if that's not enough, restrict by individual letters in the search criteria.

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    The 200 results is going to be an issue, perhaps indefinitely. The fact that there is no longer a consolidation of motes to primals and crystals to eternals has created some real problems with volatiles in this area. I have seen 200 singles listed by a single seller (especially with volatile life). This is a such a pain in so many ways. I wish they would at least change things so you could buy everything at a single price from a single seller with a single click (and a single RAH transaction).

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    @Deathspiral - would you mind sharing your speadsheet for comparisson purposes? Also the they way you describe it, I take that your WoWHead parsing was not done in Excel/VBA and I'd like to keep all in one application.

    @Both - I wasn't really aware of that restriction. This might mean I have to reconsider using the remote AH and stick to Auctioneer/Auctionator parses.
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    It's not a bug, it's a feature !

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    I think it's a fantastic idea, and I would use it. Personally, although it's not as portable, I think an Auctioneer based DB would be better. You won't run into the same problem that TUJ ran into. But I love the idea. it needs to be automated as much as possible.
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    I was actually thinking of something like this today. I'd actually like something with less automation (i.e. let me select professions). To start, I'd likely only use it to tell me what my minimum ore buy price is for JC prospecting (based on shuffling and cut/sell), then move on from there.

    I seem to remember Norganna was trying to use contributed Auctioneer scans to create a database similar to TUJ. I'm not sure if the project is still up and running since TUJ's demise.

    As much as I'd like an in-game version similar to LSW (which I have issues with regarding its conclusions), I'd be happy with an offline version that looks at combining multiple profs.

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    Since there seems to be interest in the topic I thought I'd give you an update.

    I will be sticking to Auctioneer data files for now, but this does not change my intention to have it pull data off the web , if I find a reliable source.

    While I had an "almost" working version of the spreadsheet a few days ago, I ran into serious performance and comprehensiveness issues (I was thinking at a certain point : "What the hell am I doing with this formula here?"). This led to my decision to limit the scope (recipies wise) and the user controls (had over 30 user defined variables at certain point, which is anything but easy to use). The main goal of this remains to be fast, easy to use and easy to understand.

    Anyways, since I have most of the formulas and hard data sorted, hopefully I will have a working version once again shortly (end of next week maybe?). One thing I'm pretty fond of so far is the craft routing, so I though I'd share with you a screenshot of it. The basic idea : you pick 4 items and the spreadsheet calculates the best net profit route to craft them, in a graphical manner.

    It's not a bug, it's a feature !

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    I absolutely am interested in this spreadsheet. I used to have something similar to this in Wotlk however it required excel to run the macros. I was wondering if you could post or email me your working copy so that I can attempt to convert the macros from VBA so that everyone can use it in open office. From the looks of it you have a lot of work done and it looks quite promising. I look foward to seeing what you come up with.

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    The macros still need some work before I can call them final (they are functional but need a lot of optimisations/comments). I also still have some ideas I need to implement (or see if they are feasible) before I'm ready to shrare the macros on this one.
    It's not a bug, it's a feature !



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