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Thread: Guide for QA3

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    Guide for QA3

    Tired of mass posting, only to be undercut 5 minutes later? Quick Auctions 3is one of the addons for you. Here is a quick guide if you are new to using professions in the AH to make gold want to use this addon.
    (For a quick, good description of what it is, click here)

    1. Start off by downloading this addon from of course. I believe there are a couple guides on these forums that tell you how to get your addons working if you haven't downloaded any already.

    2. Once you're ingame, type in /qa config. This should bring up a menu to help set up your configurations. Since this is the basics to it, skip down to "Item Groups," which is on the left side of the screen.

    3. In the main part of the window, you can now type in the name of the group you want to start. If you're a Jewelcrafter and are cutting epic gems, then name the group something basic like "epic gem." (Or atleast use some common sense when naming the group).

    4. When you have your group named, you can start changing the settings. The first setting is "ignore stacks over". The default setting for this is 1000. However most items don't stack in 1000's, so change it to something lower. For most groups you can set this to ignoring stacks over 1.

    5. Now go down to override post time. Change this depending on what items will be in your group. Items such as glyphs that you will constantly be reposting should be placed at 12hour duration, which items such as engineer pets should be changed to 24 or 48 hours.

    6. Once you're this far, move into the quantity section. First of all change your post cap depending on the item so you don't flood the market. If you're posting items such as glyphs, maybe you only want 2 up at a time, while you post 10 potions of speed at a time. (In a different group of course).

    7. Below it change your override per auction settings. Keep in mind that some items sell better in larger stacks, such as potions. Once again change it depending on the item. You can always experiment around to see what stack sizes usually sell best. Remember that it's all about convenience.

    8. Here's where we get into pricing. Start with undercutting. In this section, you're prices need to be typed in like this: 12g34s56s
    Sometimes it's better to undercut by only a couple copper, and sometimes it's better to undercut by a couple gold, depending on the item.

    9. The next option is bid %. Basically if you're interested in setting up a different bid from the buyout, then use this feature. It works in %, and if you are unable to drag the little meter to the percentage that you want, you can type it in the box below it and it'll change. Personally I don't use this feature often.

    10. If you're new to "auction house terms," a theshold is how low an auction gets before it won't be posted. (As it says when configuring the addon...). Use this so you don't start posting below your profit margins.(Tomarrow I'll have a link to a spreadsheet that can give you some ideas on where your thresholds should be for some items). The threshold is for price per item, not stack.

    11. If you're new to QA3, then I would skip over price gaps till you know a bit about your market.

    12. Choosing to use auto fallback really depends on what you're posting. As it says, if an item goes below your threshold, you will post it at fallback (Below). The post I made here gives a bit of info about when to use this.

    13. Fallbacks are what price an item will be posted for when no one else has them up. Usually my fallbacks are 1set a bit above market price, since I'm the only one selling the item.

    14. Finally your max price settings. I really don't have a better explanation of what it does other than what it says on it's description. "Effective for posting prices in a sane price range when someone is posting an item for 5000g when it only goes for 100g."
    Usually I just leave this at 500%, but you can change it to anything lower/higher.

    Part 2
    1.Once you have all these settings completed, you can add items to the group by click on the top of the menu. The items that show up are ones in your inventory. If you are unable to find one, it might be placed in another group already. If you want to switch it you can easily click the remove items button at the top of the menu. You can also add items quickly by typing in key words such as "Scroll of Enchant Weapon", which adds all items starting with that phrase. When you have this finished, go back and make sure there are no extra items that got clicked onto your list.

    2. Once you're this far, you have the basics of posting ready to go. Head over to the auction house with the items you want to post, click the auctions tab at the bottom of the screen, and then the post button at the top of the screen. If you click the log button, you can see what items are being posted/skipped. At this point I would look at your auctions to make sure you haven't made any mistakes in pricing. When you post glyphs that should be worth 50g for 50s, it isn't fun...

    3. If you are undercut on any of your items, hit the cancel button and it will start scanning your items. Once again if you want to see what has been scanned and what till happen, hit the log button.

    4. If you want to see if anything has been undercut, without actually canceling your auctions, or see what item prices are, you can hit the status button, and then the log button.


    If you want to have your groups only for certain characters, then use the profiles feature. There's some instruction on the menu, so I shouldn't need to write it out again.

    I don't use whitelist at all, but I suppose you could find some use from it if you're auctioning with friends, or have made an agreement with a competitor. The white list just makes it so you don't undercut the people you have listed.

    If you have a banking alt or something along those lines, then you should look into this. Type in the name of your character you do your postings on, and then add the items you want similarly to the way we added items when changing our item groups. MAKE SURE TO TYPE IN THE CORRECT NAME. If you accidently type in a name of someone else...well you might not be getting those items back.(So yes, there was a reason to use caps, bold, size of font increase, and underlined). This can also be useful if your in a situation like crafting items on your JC, and then sending them to your enchanter to disenchant.

    Quick Auctions 3 Download

    Sorry for such a long guide, but I felt there was alot to say about using the different parts of this addon. Once you start using it a while, it becomes alot easier. The first time I used it I had no idea what I was doing, so hopefully won't be like me.
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    Nice guide, one of the more comprehensive we've seen so far.

    I would suggest inserting url links:
    - Direct curse download.
    - Link to other threads discussing this addon.

    Formatting would be nice as well, for increased readability (hey cool, that's actually a word).

    Just being picky though. Good job.
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