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    Auto Restocking Addon

    I am looking for an addon (if such a beast exists) that will check my AH toon's bag, bank, and AH for # of specific items. I can then set a threshold for my "shopping" toon(s) to see how many of each item that is needed to restock, and buy them when I go to the merchants.

    I am getting tired of writing down the amount, Altoholic being off, and/or over buying items that don't need restocked because they don't sell as fast.


    For example, say I have Mining Picks, Skinning Knives, and Herbalist's Spades that I sell on the AH, and I want to keep at least 6 total in stock. 1 in AH, 1 in bag, and 4 in bank.

    What I currently have:
    [ Item ][ Bank ][ Bag ][ AH ]

    When I get on my "shopping" toon I will see that:
    • Pick: 8/6
    • Knife: 5/6
    • Spade: 5/6

    So when I go to the merchants that sell these items it will pick up:
    • Pick: 0
    • Knife: 1
    • Spade: 1


    What I am looking for is kind of a hybred of several addons I know are/was out there.

    Altoholic - Shows how many items each character has in the bank, bag, and AH
    FreeRefills/AutoBuy - Restock from Merchants with specified threshold
    BuyDropper - List threshold/Needed


    I found this post, but the addon stated no longer is available.
    Is there an addon that allows you to create a shopping list for vendor items?

    I also know some of this can be done in script, but it wouldn't check how many of a specific item my AH toon has. It would just buy X number every time, and resort in overstocking some items that sell slower.

    Any help would be wonderful.

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    You can do that with TSM and Vendoring operations. While it won't show you specifically what you miss, whenever you visit a merchant and select your group of items to click 'Restock selected groups' it will purchase any amount up to your maximum amount specified - taking in to account what you have on your character/AH/alts.

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    OMG! I <3 you Gumdrops! That's exactly what I was wanting. I wasn't aware it worked to include items on another character like that.



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